Optimize your ESG consulting
with the innovative Starboard Tools.

Currently, companies are increasingly being requested to document their ESG status and handling of sustainable management (CSR standards). As part of their ESG related mandates, consulting firms are tasked with collecting this data and making it usable. Mostly this is done by costly time-consuming interviews and desk-top research. Implementing a SaaS-solution like Starboard ESG, relevant ESG data can be collected, analyzed and instantly converted into ESG scoring with corresponding reports and recommendations in a cost-efficient manner. For ESG consulting, the Starboard Tools enable consulting firms to facilitate their clients in performing an ESG assessment, derive improvement measures and then support the company in the realizing the proposed sustainable development recommendations. With the Starboard Tools you and your clients effectively design the roadmap for the company’s sustainable development journey.

Effective aggregation and analysis of sustainability data as part of an ESG assessment.

Best practices also adopted by ESG Rating agencies, constant up-dating in line with current EU-regulations and focus on the ever-important ESG risk components allow you to enable your clients to analyse, evaluate and optimise their sustainability development. This centrally managed, cost efficient well founded ESG-Profiling approach can be seamlessly integrated into your consulting portfolio. The Starboard Tools as cloud-based SaaS-solutions aggregate and structure your clients EU-compliant sustainability data in a seamlessly efficient manner.