Support your customers efforts to comply with ESG requirements.

Sustainability aspects have become indispensable in the world of finance with regard to green financing and ESG investments. Investment and credit approval decisions no longer end with an assessment of financial credit risks, but now also extend to the assessment of sustainability risks, especially physical and transition risks. Additional pressure has already been created by societal expectations, which are permanently increasing. Further, ever increasing regulatory reporting requirements are presenting companies with considerable challenges. Expand and support your customer portfolio base with Starboard Tools’ simple and compliant SaaS solutions. Enhance your relationship with your customers by offering pragmatic tools for an ESG self-assessment and development program.

What Starboard Tools offer credit institutions and leasing companies:

  • Transparent sustainability assessments of their corporate customers
  • Comprehensive overviews of all ESG relevant parameters of their corporate customers
  • Consistent, comparable ESG scoring results
  • Well-founded insights into the development of sustainability parameters of their corporate customers through the Starboard ESG evaluations and the tailor-made suggestions for improvement
  • Valid assessments of sustainability risks at company level, not just at an industry level
  • Opportunity to take into account the sustainability risks of your corporate customers when evaluating financing terms
  • Support for your credit and rating specialists through the tool-supported identification and evaluation of aggregated ESG risks
  • New business points of contact for corporate customer care
  • Valuable information basis in order to prevent "greenwashing"

Provide an effective solution for ESG assessments and scoring.

The unique software solutions Starboard Tools take into account ESG EU regulations and ESG rating agencies requirements offering companies a well-founded analysis of their sustainability risks through an ESG self assessment. The Starboard Tools form the basis for creating meaningful sustainability reports that conform to regulatory requirements and support companies in developing transparent sustainability/ESG profiles. Thanks to the interactive and collaborative approach, your key questions are answered centrally so that assessments of sustainable (green) financing and investments can begin immediately.

Offer your clients the ESG Expert Screening
to get started with sustainability management.

The consequences of climate and social changes are becoming increasingly clear. Are you also asking yourself how your corporate clients can best navigate through this situation? Provide your corporate clients with an initial assessment of how sustainable they already are and where the greatest opportunities for improvement can be found. With our ESG Expert Screening, companies can find out and already have a good basis for applying the Starboard ESG Tools. Talk to us about how you can optimally use the Starboard Expert Screening for your clients.