With intuitive self assessment software for ESG scoring for EU and bank-compliant sustainability reports.

With the forthcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), significantly more companies than before will be obliged to present information on their sustainability. In Germany alone, more than 15,000 companies are affected, many of them medium-sized. The future-proof Starboard Tools make it much easier to generate, collect and manage your sustainability data and avoid costly external assessments. You have your data always prepared for your sustainability strategy, the steering of your sustainability initiatives and your ESG reports. In addition, by creating an ESG profile and scoring, you facilitate access to sustainable finance, especially on the capital markets (Green Bonds).


The Starboard ESG advantages at a glance:

  • Improving the identification and management of ESG risks
  • Improved and sustained access to finance
  • Potentially more advantageous financing conditions
  • Cheaper insurance coverage
  • Continuous development of the company towards more sustainability
  • Positive impact on reputation and image
  • Strengthening of customer relationships and market position
  • Greater attractiveness for qualified specialists.

Gain long-term insights into sustainability in a short time
with the ESG Expert Screening.

The consequences of climate and social changes are becoming increasingly clear. Are you also wondering how to best navigate your company through this situation? Would you like an initial assessment of how sustainable your company already is? Understand where the greatest opportunities for improvement are for you? With our ESG Expert Screening we will find this out, together with you. This way, you will quickly and comprehensibly receive valuable information for your path to greater sustainability. Contact us and book your ESG Expert Screening.

Create your ESG profile using a transparent ESG criteria catalogue.

The innovative software solution Starboard ESG takes into account all EU regulations in their current versions and the expectations of rating agencies. It enables you to independently analyze your sustainability risks. Starboard ESG is ESG profiling and ESG analysis in one and supports companies on their way to an optimized ESG rating. Thanks to the interactive and collaborative ESG self-assessment, the key questions from the rating agencies are answered in advance, so that the assessment of your green financing project can begin immediately.


Show everyone how sustainable your company is.

As a distinctive sign that you have set out on the path to more sustainability and have received your ESG score, you receive the Starboard ESG seal. Dated with the current year, it is obvious to all visitors of your website at direct glance that ESG already plays an important role in your company. You can also document the continuous work on your sustainability profile by adding a Starboard ESG seal year after year.